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Jul 14 11 6:39 PM

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Arrests political attacks on Republican Sinn Féin

In a statement on July 8, the Joe Conway/ Brendan Watters Cumann Republican Sinn Fein Newry expressed outrage at the arrests on July 7 of President, Des Dalton, Vice-President Fergal Moore and on July 8 of Ard-Chomhairle member Cáit Trainor.

“Presumably this is what is meant by 'normal policing' on the part of the RUC/PSNI British political police.

“The ludicrous charges against our leading members stem mainly from the determination of our organisation to oppose British rule in Ireland and to defend the rights of Republican POWs to political status while held by the British government. This right was sold out by the Provos as part of the Stormont betrayal. In a bizarre irony, the charge against Des Dalton and Fergal Moore results from their participation in a parade calling for the release of Martin Corey - himself held without charge.

“How many others we wonder, have been charged with "arranging and taking part in an 'illegal parade' ?

Cáit Trainor, meanwhile, has been rearrested for 'breach of bail conditions', and had even more draconian bail conditions imposed. It is understood that she is still graciously permitted to stay alive and breathe - for the moment!

“Does anyone seriously believe that these arrests are anything other than political attacks on true Republicans? They are an attempt to decapitate the leadership of the one organisation they fear, Republican Sinn Féin.

“For our part, we serve notice that we will not be intimidated by these tactics. Republican Sinn Féin will continue to demonstrate in support of the Republican POWs in Maghaberry and Portlaoise prisons, and to expose the reality of British rule in the occupied Six Counties, as well as the servile antics of their puppets of the Adams-McGuinness clique.

“In Bundoran on August 27 we will again remember the valiant sacrifice of the heroic 1981 Hunger Strikers, and support their inheritors today in Maghaberry. We invite all faithful Republicans and all genuinely opposed to British Rule to join us there”, the statement from the PRO concluded.

Cumann Na Saoirse Náısıúnta
National Irish Freedom Committee

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Jul 14 11 8:39 PM

Gees Newry pull no punches do they - fair play good statement.

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